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ACH & Electronic Services

Your business benefits with every time-savings practice you put into place.

For more information on these and many other ACH and Electronic Services, please contact our ACH Department at (989) 362-6700.

Features & Benefits

ACH Services

Direct Deposit 
  • Includes payroll, pensions, bonuses, employee reimbursements and more
  • Can be split between multiple accounts and multiple Financial Institutions
  • Never gets lost or stolen
  • Is confidential, reducing fraud and identity theft
Direct Payment 
  • Better manage your cash flow by collecting receivables consistently
  • Make payments to suppliers and vendors
  • Simplify your internal reporting and reconciliation
  • Payments never get lost or stolen in the mail and reduce the risk of identity theft and check fraud

Other Services

Positive Pay 
  • Is a fraud detection tool designed to help commercial customers reduce the risk of loss that occurs because of check fraud
  • Customers preauthorize a list of issued checks to be paid